Shockingly enough, I have a very large interest in technology. From electronics to programming to system administration, I'd like to be diverse enough to have confidence enough in all three of these areas. The latest area I've been developing in is system administration.

At my current job, I do not get much exposure to doing system administration. I do, however, get to be exposed to a lot of the inner-workings that drives our network. This gives me a general idea of network architecture and how enterprise-level systems should really work. We have a lot of servers doing a lot of different things, and most of them are pretty much independent of each other and secure.

This gave me ideas for my personal setup, running this website and a couple of other services, causing me to land on the following servers:

  • www - The sole purpose of this server is to run any websites that I maintain. This includes the one you are currently viewing as well as [work in progress]
  • util - This is my utility server. It runs my LDAP server and it will eventually run my mail server. LDAP is only accessible over the private network, and mail will function the same.
  • area51 - This is my development server. It is for projects that I'm working on that are not quite ready for production. Once a project is ready for production, all trace of it is removed from area51 and it is migrated either to one of the other servers that suits its purpose or a new server will be spawned for it.
  • byond - This is my BYOND server. It is special because it is running a 32-bit OS as opposed to 64-bit. It will not only power any production BYOND applications I have, but it is currently setup to pull all of my BYOND projects that get served and builds them for me on the server every 30 minutes. Moving them to be hosted in production is then simply a matter of copying the necessary files over to the hosted directory and rebooting the server.
  • git - This is my git server. Its sole purpose is to run GitLab. It is special because is my only server that is NOT running Arch. It is instead running Debian, which is one of the recommended distros for GitLab.

All of my servers run 64-bit Arch, unless otherwise noted. In the future, I plan to introduce a Windows server (just to try it out), and servers for at least one or two more products that I currently have in miind.